Zozi smallThe Tomatis method is a special, personalised, auditory training. With the help of earphones, it supports /stimulates the development and functioning of the nervous system. 

It is based on the Mother’s voice and Mozart’s music, and supplemented with personalised settings. The children listen to the material in intensive development cycles. The assembling of the targeted development plan begins with the Tomatis auditory perception test and is also based on clinical symptoms.


As a speech therapist, my work consists of supporting the inducement of children’s speech and of correcting (rendezés) the formal and linguistic areas of speech.

In my view, the sensory and motor areas of speech, and the development of a child’s cognitive and graphomotoric abilities should be done simultaniously. Therefore I combine classical speech therapy with the Meixner method and the Nild learning techniques therapy, as well as certain elements of the Prompt therapy in my work.

The Prompt Manual training originates from the United States. The proper shaping of the mouth by hand as well as the manual stimulation of the muscles and neural endings help children form the required sounds.

It consists of delicate but firm presses and touches, which enable the child to gain control over his/her body parts and speech organs required for sound formation.

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Appointment for TOMATIS therapy 

For the fist time, an appointment by phone or e-mail is required.
If we are not available temporarily by phone, we will call you back. 

+36 20 363 1216



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