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The renewal, the new environment - in addition to the aesthetic aspects - makes positive impact on children's development as well.

Hallihó was founded in April 2015 by director Kinga GYAPAI, a speech therapist, Tomatis trainer and Prompt therapist.

We primarily deal with speech inducement as well as the development of the formal and linguistic areas of speech. Our purpose is to support any course of development from as many sides as possible, therefore we apply several methods.

We believe in team work, therefore we work closely with other trainers.

The personalised, individual development is based on different diagnostic protocols (complex speech disorder diagnosis, Tomatis auditory perception examination, Prompt diagnosis, biochemical examination, Qeeg.)

Examination results are compared with observed symptoms and the experience of parents so that all children coming to us be given the most suitable personalised training.

In order to keep up-to-date with the latest professional developments, we also maintain a close professional relationship with foreign institutions (Atlantis Institut, Prompt Institut, Institut für EEG Neurofeedback, Brainboost Neurofeedback). 

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Appointment for TOMATIS therapy 

For the fist time, an appointment by phone or e-mail is required.
If we are not available temporarily by phone, we will call you back. 

+36 20 363 1216



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